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Want more energy, less pain, and an improved quality of life?

Lyn Delmastro Thomson

You’re in the perfect place if you know in your heart that you are ready to stop feeling like your diagnosis or health condition has taken over your life but you are unclear on exactly HOW to change that…

Discover how you can begin to shift your health for the better so that you can get back to living the life you really want to live.

thriving beyond your diagnosis

You Dream Of...

  • Getting to the end of your day without feeling completely and utterly exhausted
  • Not continually cancelling plans that you were really looking forward to
  • Decreasing or eliminating the amount of pain medications you are taking
  • No longer struggling with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm
  • Not feeling like your diagnosis is a life/death sentence
  • Regaining your independence in life, which is something that your illness has taken away from you
  • No longer feeling like a burden on family members, your partner, and your friends

  • But right now you’re probably feeling exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do to change your situation.

    Sound About Right?

    I used to feel completely exhausted by noon. I was overwhelmed by a chronic health diagnosis, struggling to adjust to various medications that I was given, and feeling like the medications were really only a small part of helping me to feel better.

    At my lowest, I felt almost ready to give up on life because feeling so sick and miserable at the age of 25 felt completely unbearable.

    When my best friend died very suddenly of complications from a routine surgery, I got my final wakeup call and realized that I could indeed die at a young age and that I didn’t want to waste another minute of my life feeling this sick, miserable and exhausted.

    I began the journey to find effective healing tools to help myself feel better and discovered many wonderful “alternative” healing tools that began to bring back my energy, decrease my stress and anxiety, and improve my quality of life.

    Now, over 13 years later, I am able to run my own business, support others in regaining their health and vitality and still have the energy to exercise, ballroom dance, play with my new puppy Chico and more!

    A Breakthrough Session Is Perfect If You...

    • Are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
    • Are ready to stop fearing that you will never feel better
    • Are ready to take back control of your life, your health, and your independence
    • Are ready to stop feeling exhausted, in pain, and frustrated by your current reality
    • Are ready to finally find real solutions, not just medications to mask your symptoms

    I'd Love To Help You Get Started with a Complimentary Breakthrough Session!

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    Together We'll...

    • - look at your biggest challenges to experiencing all the energy, vitality, and pain-free days that you want
    • - get crystal clear on what you want
    • - discuss my professional recommendations for what you need next to feel healthier, more energized, and more comfortable in your own body

    You’ll leave our session with inspiration and clarity on your next steps to get your desired results!


    These powerful 30 minute sessions valued at $150 are a gift from me to you.

    Space is limited and these sessions fill up fast!

    I encourage you to apply now. Please only apply if you are 100% committed to beginning to improve your health and you’re serious about doing what it takes now!