Healing the Healer:
Deepen Your Own Healing Program

I've created a special program just for my fellow healers who are seeking to deepen their own growth, healing and spiritual journey. When we work together, we co-create wholeness and support you in upleveling your gifts and your work with others.

healing for healers

You are doing important work in helping to support others on their healing journey.

You are passionate about transforming the world through using your gifts and talents in the healing arts and you know that to continue to help others, you have to continue to get support yourself.

I feel it is a true privilege to support my fellow healers in continue to take care of themselves and to grow in health and wholeness.

A 90 Minute VIP Session

We kick things off with a powerful session together setting intentions for the work we will do together over the coming months and sealing those in with energy work, ritual and more. Then we begin the healing process together.

Accountability Check-Ins

A weekly email exchange to discuss how you are doing and any issues or resistance coming up.

Simple Homework Assignments

These will support you in continuing to make progress towards your goals.

1-2 Healing Sessions Per Month

These session will be focused on supporting your own deep healing, transformation, and upleveling and will be based on your goals and intentions.

BodyTalk Access Class- Discounted Rate

Attendance at one of my upcoming BodyTalk Access self-care classes in the Portland, OR area for just $99 (regular rate is $175). Travel costs not included.

Short Healings in Between Sessions

Receive remote energetic healings each month, one per month, as we determine you need them.

Celebration Call at the End of Our Time Together!

Investment: Ranges from $250-$500/month (depending on number of sessions per month) for 3-6 months or discount available for pay in full. We will discuss what best fits your needs and goals in the breakthrough call. 

If you are ready to explore working together, I invite you to apply for a complimentary breakthrough call by clicking the button below.

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