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Are you looking for a powerful story that offers your audience hope about what else is possible for their health and their lives? Or maybe you are interested in a speaker who can share more with your group about tapping into new mindsets and the power of quantum physics for deep healing and transformation?

Lyn at Evelyn and Bobbie event

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I am passionate about sharing my message of hope, healing, and transformation with those who need it. I love inspiring women living with life-changing health challenges to learn new strategies to help their bodies, minds, and spirits to heal and being a catalyst for transformation.

I would love to share my story of receiving a life-changing mis-diagnosis of leukemia at age 25 and the transformative journey it catapulted me on with your audience. Allow me to share simple but powerful and effective tools to begin to learn to listen to the wisdom within your body and to embrace possibilities outside of the Western Medical system.

Lyn Delmastro Thomson

About Me

I am a catalyst for hope, healing, and transformation for those living with chronic illness. As someone who was mis-diagnosed with leukemia at 25, I am passionate about sharing my message that just because a doctor has labelled an illness as “chronic” doesn’t mean that it has to be a life-sentence. Western Medicine isn’t the only approach to healing and with holistic medicine, tremendous life-changing results can be achieved.

In my presentations, I share my message of learning to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, a skill that has sadly become forgotten in the twenty-first century. I empower my audience to explore and harness the power of quantum physics and step into a space of exploring the possibility for healing and transformation.

In my healing practice, I work one-on-one and in small groups with women who have been given chronic health diagnoses like Lupus, fibromyalgia, RA, or even depression and anxiety to help facility powerful transformation and healings. I love nothing more than hearing my clients share how they now how their lives back!

My Signature Keynote Topic: "Your Body is Talking... Are You Listening?"

In this powerful presentation, I share my own story of my misdiagnosis, the lessons I learned as I stepped off the conveyor-belt of the Western medical system and what I learned about the true nature of healing.

You Will Gain:

  • - Simple tools to understand your symptoms as the body’s way to communicate with you
  • - Insight into how mindset and our beliefs play a critical role in health and healing
  • - Ways to work WITH your body, rather than against it
  • - Hope and inspiration about what is possible
  • - Powerful ways to work with quantum physics to harness the power of possibility for healing

My Presentations Are Perfect for:

  • Individuals living with chronic pain
  • Those diagnosed with an autoimmune disease
  • Support groups
  • People struggling with depression or anxiety
  • Those experiencing PTSD
  • Chronic illness conferences
  • Individuals and groups who are curious about alternative medicine as part of their treatment
  • Download Lyn's Speaker One-Sheet Here

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    What People Are Saying About My Speaking



    “Lyn’s presentation style is so helpful as she demonstrates simple healing and relaxation techniques that really work! I enjoyed some new ways to put balance back into my day.” 

    Dr. Pamela Jeanne, Founder of Inspiring Women Leader's Conference

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    Madeleine Eno

    “Lyn is warm, knowledgeable, approachable, and informative– and very connected to what’s actually going on with people.” 

    Madeleine Eno, Owner of In the Write Place


    “Lyn did a wonderful job speaking and sharing her passion of helping to heal your body with us in an interactive and meaningful way! She kept the audience engaged from beginning to end. I hope to hear her speak again in the future!” 

    Brooke Markevicius

    Lyn Delmastro Thomson, BodyTalk Access Trainer

    To Book Lyn:

    To inquire about booking Lyn to speak to your group or organization, email lyn (at) bodyinbalance.com or schedule a time to chat with her through the online scheduling system below.

    Schedule a time to speak with Lyn here!

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