Practitioner Resources

Local Portland Practitioner Resources

Practitioner Resources photo courtesy freedigitalphotos.netIn order to help support my clients and connect them to additional resources in the community, I’m continually connecting with other practitioners in the Portland area. Each one of the individuals on this list are people who I have personally have experienced their work and can recommend.

The work that I do is powerful but sometimes we need other resources to help us heal and that’s why I’m sharing some great practitioners here!



Gentle Chiropractic:

Dr. Shannon Anhorn at Cloud Chiropractic¬†who specializes in working with women and kids in a gentle way. Her appointments are longer and include craniosacral work that I love! She is also super intuitive and doesn’t need to “pop” adjust you if you don’t want.


Hypnotherapy and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy:

Katie Ramseur is an amazing hypnotherapist and also specializes in BrainWorking Recursive Therapy. She is a great additional resource for working with trauma, pain, stress, and more.



Jill Rosen is an amazing acupuncturist who works out of River West Acupuncture Clinic. She specializes in working with chronic and acute pain. Her needling style is super gentle and minimal on the number of needles she uses.


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber:

Andrea Peruzzi is the owner of Tabor View Health and Wellness and she has a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber that is a great additional treatment for those with autoimmune disease and inflammatory issues.



Leah Hansen is an amazing massage therapist, yoga teacher, and ayurveda yoga wellness coach. She has a very gentle and intuitive touch and brings a very diverse background to her work.

Aimee Murphy of Medicina Massage specializes in Ashiatsu massage, a style of massage where she uses her feet to create a deep, broad pressure in her massage. She also brings doTerra essential oils into her massage work.



Tracy Siegel is an amazing resource to help you make dietary changes to support your health. Contact her at to set up a free consult. She makes things very approachable and customized.