Free Resources

Free Resources

Are you interested in free resources to help you begin your healing right now? If so, I invite you to choose one of the following guided meditations as my gift to you! There are absolutely no strings attached to these free resources!

I have recorded each of these meditations myself and intend them to be a powerful way for you to connect with your own healing processes immediately! Listen to them as often as you like as a way to begin or end your day.


heart fire meditation


Click here to sign up to¬†receive my “My Abundant, Heart-Fire Life” Meditation and start connecting to a life filled with more joy, connection, happiness, wealth, time… and MORE!




Healing garden free resource courtesy


Click here to receive my “Healing Garden” Meditation and be guided through a beautiful visualization of seeing your body as a healing garden!




Both of these meditations only last about 15-20 minutes so they are easy to fit into your daily schedule.


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