Quick Energy Tune-Up Sessions

Quick Energy Tune-Up Sessions

energy tune up


While for many clients that I work with who have chronic health challenges, a deeper dive into the healing tools that I offer is exactly what they need, I’ve also discovered that for some people, a quick energy tune-up is just what is needed!

After offering several 15 minute distance healing sessions in the past month, I’ve discovered just how powerful of a shift can be accomplished in a short time and I’m excited to start offering energy tune-up sessions!



These sessions are great if…

  • You’ve been feeling a little “off” lately…
  • You’re noticing everyone and everything around you is affecting you WAY more than usual.
  • You are running tired, feeling stretched thin, stressed out or frazzled and could use a little TLC
  • You are doing well in general but your health or your energy could just use a little “boost.”
  • You could use just a little support to help you reach that next level!


Not sure what a tune-up session could do for you? Check out what Julia had to say about her experience:

“Before my session with Lyn, I was feeling someone else’s energy who I live with and was feeling “beat up” by it. In just 15 minutes, I was able to get my body to stop tuning into the person’s energy and find deep relief. It was absolutely amazing, like magic.”


How Does the Tune-Up Session work?

I only offer these sessions as distance sessions because of the challenge in scheduling 15-20 minutes in person.

  1.  When you register and pay for your energy tune-up, I will complete your distance session within 48 hours time, if purchased during a weekday and the following Monday if purchased on a weekend. If my schedule doesn’t allow I 48 hour turnaround, I will contact you to let you know I will have to complete the session in a few more days due to my availability
  2. After your purchase your session with PayPal, please email me at lyn@bodyinbalancenw.com with the top 1-2 areas you are looking for support with. Remember, if there is a lot going on with your health and well-being, this tune-up session might not be the best option.
  3. I will audio record your session, explaining to you what particular areas came up to be addressed and letting you know any follow up or homework that is recommended.
  4. I will email you the recording to listen to at your convenience! You are welcome to email me any questions you might have and I will reply in 1 email exchange after the session. Due to the nature of these sessions, emails will be limited to 1 email exchange.

These Tune-Up Sessions are a $75 investment.


Still not sure if this can really help you? Check out what Darlene had to say about her experience:

“I’ve had endometriosis and pelvic pain for 35 years. In my late 40’s, it has been almost a daily occurrence to have this stabbing, debilitating pain. I’ve tried several different modalities and for the first time I had immediate relief! Within 15 minutes of posting about pain in my ovaries and lower abdomen, Lyn had responded with what the underlying energy was and it was gone. It’s been 7 days and I haven’t had a single ping or pang in the space that for months had been causing me to be on a constant ibuprofen cycle of at least every 6 hours. It’s been 7 days and no need for pain relief!”


Ready for your tune-up? Click here to pay with PayPal and you will receive your recorded session within 48 hours!


I’m now offering you the opportunity to purchase a bundle of these sessions for a discount!

Purchase 3 energy tune-ups (valid for 120 days) for just $200!

Purchase 6 energy tune-ups (valid for 180 days) for just $360 (a 20% savings)!