BodyTalk for Kids


BodyTalk for Kids


  • Does your child suffer from allergies, asthma, or food sensitivities?
  • Does your child feel challenged when he or she is stressed out and overwhelmed?
  • Does your child have some behavioral issues?
  • Would you like to explore BodyTalk for Kids, a powerful way to help your child feel healthier, calmer, and happier in a way that is totally safe and does not rely on medications?


If so, consider trying a BodyTalk for Kids session for your child!

Children shift very quickly through this type of mind-body medicine. Often their symptoms or issues will significantly improve with just 1-2 sessions because, unlike adults, they don’t have so many years of challenges, traumas, and issues to work through!

How does this approach work with kids?

If your child is at least 6 years old or older, typically we will work directly with him or her. If a child is not able to lie still for about 30 minutes or if your child is younger than age 6, we will use you as a surrogate for the child while the child plays or rests in the treatment room.

During the session, your child will lie down comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table. I will use his or her arm to do some gentle muscle testing to understand the story behind his or her symptoms and to help the body switch from the fight-or-flight state to a state where it can begin to heal. Gentle tapping is also used as part of the process.


Check out what Boz had to say about my BodyTalk for Kids work with her son:

“I took my 6 year old son Donald to see Lyn for BodyTalk to help with life-threatening asthma. Lyn is very good at working with my son, who is a shy child. After 3 sessions with Lyn, my son’s asthma is under control, with no visits to the emergency room during the fall when his asthma is usually the worst. My son also hasn’t experienced a serious respiratory virus which usually triggers an asthma attack for him. I can’t say enough how gently and supportively Lyn tackles chronic issues.”


Want to book a session for your child? Use my online scheduling system or call me at 503-347-0258 to set up a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your child’s health needs.