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Lyn Delmastro Thomson

My business and my work with clients has been inspired by my own healing journey.

Misdiagnosed with leukemia in 2004, I was faced with a great deal of fear and overwhelm. As I began to emerge from the dark cloud that hung over me, I began to seek alternative ways of healing my body. (You can now read the WHOLE story in my new book, "You Are Not Your Diagnosis." Check it out here!)

At that time, I returned to getting weekly biofeedback sessions, something which I had been exposed to at the age of 12 when horrific migraines took over my life. I began attending a "yoga for healing" class at a local studio in Santa Barbara, where I was living at the time. I dove into therapy to help me process my grief, fear, and overwhelm.

I believe my getting sick in 2004 was a wake up call, a "cosmic two-by-four to the head". I had been in grad school for 3 years and was miserable but afraid to quit because I didn't know what it was that I DID want to do...

Well when I got sick and then when my best friend passed away suddenly the following year, I realized how short life really is and that I could no longer pursue something that brought me no joy. I quit my program and got a job (any job with health insurance would do!) while I set up about figuring things out.

It was during the course of one of my weekly biofeedback sessions that I realized what I did want to do... I could see myself learning this approach and helping others! And then, as I came to enjoy my yoga for healing class more and more, I became excited to train to teach therapeutic yoga as well.

My path had found me....

I went back to school, getting a master's degree in somatic (mind-body) psychology and pursuing training in biofeedback and therapeutic yoga.

I moved to Portland and started my business and I began focusing on helping clients with anxiety, stress, and illness.

Then, in 2012, BodyTalk entered my life. At that time, I was having a persistent pain in my left knee that nothing seemed to help... I had met someone who was a "BodyTalk Practitioner" the year before and decided that maybe now was the time to try a session.

I was so amazed when after that first session, my knee showed significant improvement!

And not only did my knee feel better but I noticed that there were shifts in other areas of my life- like my emotional state. I was fascinated by this approach and after a few more sessions, I decided I needed to take the Fundamentals class that was happening locally a few months later.

BodyTalk has become the primary healing modality that I use in my work with clients now because it brings amazing, powerful results to a wide range of physical and emotional issues. ​​​

I continue to take new courses regularly to expand my knowledge and skill set in this healing modality that I have become so passionate about.

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