About BodyTalk

BodyTalk: What Lies Beneath the Surface

ID-100291098BodyTalk is a mind-body medicine approach that explores the message and the story of our symptoms or disease.

In many more traditional models of healing, there is the tendency to focus on the symptom, the problem, the diagnosis or the label. Western Medicine, in particular, focuses heavily on addressing the symptom and making it “go away,” either through surgery or medication.

What if instead of simply focusing on making the symptom “go away,” we were to look at it as a message from our bodymind that is trying to tell us something? What if we explored the STORY behind the symptom?


Not just the tip of the iceberg…

During a BodyTalk session, we explore what lies beneath the surface of the symptom or “problem.” While Western Medicine and many other approaches focus on the part of the iceberg that is visible ABOVE the water, in BodyTalk, we are much more interested in the larger portion of the iceberg that is BELOW the water.

What is below the water tells a story of various traumas, struggles, emotional issues, stressors, belief systems, physical and psychological issues that have contributed to creating the symptom that is calling for our attention. We look at the whole person and the environmental, emotional, and physical influences behind each disease and symptom.

When we hear and address the WHOLE story, rather than just the tip of the iceberg, we are able to facilitate deep healing and rejuvenation.

BodyTalk is an integrative approach that draws on the wisdom of ancient medicinal traditions (Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine) together with the latest advances in Western medicine and quantum physics.

BodyTalk uses neuromuscular biofeedback (or muscle testing), light hand contacts, and gentle tapping (an ancient Hatha Yoga technique) to generate subtle electrical currents in the body. BodyTalk uses the latest advances from quantum physics, clinical studies and the mind-body connection to help reset the nervous system out of “fight or flight” into a healing mode, re-establishing lines of healthy communication between the systems of the body.


What happens during a session?

You will lie on a massage table, fully dressed. If lying down is uncomfortable for you, the session can be done in a seated position. I then begin by programming your arm to give yes/no answers which will be used to determine what the priority is to be treated for you to maximize the efficacy of your healing. The techniques used include light touch and tapping for the necessary resolution.

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Are you interested in exploring how BodyTalk can help your physical, mental, and emotional health? I invite you to begin by booking a complimentary 45 minute You, Thriving! Breakthrough Session with me so we can discuss what approach will best fit your needs. Please use the scheduling system below or call me at 503-347-0258 to set up your breakthrough session.